Hello, my name is Nat. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my site.

I’m a mother to three children and I’ve been taking photographs for as long as I can remember.

I love everything about taking photos of people; it’s my absolute passion.

Professionally I’ve been working as a wedding photographer since 2002 after graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne with a Diploma of Arts in Applied Photography. Most recently, in between having babies, I’ve had the privilege of adding many more newborn and family sessions to my body of work.

Weddings make me happy. I’ve photographed almost 500 weddings and I still get butterflies going into a new day. I love witnessing the special “in between” moments. The moments you’re surprised and grateful to remember once I reveal them to you. I love to capture the importance of family on a wedding day, the love between husband and wife, the celebration between friends and the buzz that is the reception. I believe that sneaking you away after the ceremony is paramount. We don’t need long, but to have some time where it’s just the two of you – no commentary and no spoiled views – will make your photographs, sing. It’s your ‘once in a lifetime day’ to create memories that you will cherish forever.

Welcoming me into your home to spend time with your family is a big deal! Photographing your loved ones is an absolute honour and I receive such great joy in doing so. Thank you.

Having children of my own has naturally influenced my photography of newborns. The milk drunk smile… the sleepy yawn, the emotion between parents holding their newborn and the curiosity from older siblings. These are moments I focus on capturing as they emerge during a session. They are moments that you can remember with affection every time you look at these images – especially as your children grow.

My style is natural, detailed and joyful. Your experience should feel effortless. I hope for you to embrace the session as an opportunity to enjoy some time together as a family.

Whether it is your wedding or your children, the event is about the people and your story. Allow me to document the moments and I will do so with love and with passion.

Nat x